IAC General Information


The Hills Sports High School – Best Rd, Seven Hills

Solos, Duos, Trios, Vocals (s/d/t & troupes/choir)

Penrith Valley Regional Sports Stadium – Herbert St, Cambridge Park

Troupes, Educational School Troupes, Battle to the Beats Improvisation event


8th, 9th, 16th August – Troupes, Educational School Troupes, Battle to the Beats

22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th August – Solos, Duos, Trios, Vocals



Entries Open

Open end of January 2020

Stay tuned for announcement via FB and Instagram

Entries Close

Sunday 21st June 2020 (earlier if needed)

Age Rule

Solos – Age as of 1st day of competition (8th August 2020)

Duos / Trios / Troupes – Age as of  1st January 2020

All dancers under the age as of 1st Jan 2020. In a TROUPE you may have ONLY 2 dancers in 1 (one)  age bracket above

Entry Fees

Solos – $18 each

Duos / Trios  – $10 per competitor

Troupes – $25 each troupe

Showcase – $23 each

Battle to the Beats – $12 / genre

Compulsory Program & Admin Fee

$10 per entry. This will be automatically be added to your invoice.

Original programs will be emailed 2-3 weeks before commencement of 2020 INSPIRE ARTS CHALLENGE.

Updated copies will be placed on website www.inspiredancefitness.com.au and notifications through email, FB and Instagram

Door Entry

Adults (15yrs +)                    $15 / session                          $25 / day (2-3 sessions)

Conc / Child (5-14yrs)          $10 / session                         $15 / day (2-3 sessions)

Non School Age (0-4yrs)      FREE


TEACHER ENTRY – Each studio is permitted  2 teachers FREE ENTRY per session (morning, afternoon, evening). Studio Directors / Teachers will need to inform IAC via studio email of who will be attending so names will be at the door. Appropriate ID will be needed. Teachers will be given a lanyard on arrival.


AGE – Solos – Age as of 1st day of competition (8th August 2020)
Duos / Trios / Troupes – Age as of 1st January 2020
All dancers under the age as of 1st Jan 2020. In a TROUPE you may have ONLY 2 dancers in 1 age bracket above
Please note Proof of ID (birth certificate) may be requested if there is a query / protest


21st June 2020 – Entries may close early dependant on entries. Notification of early close will be made on Inspire Dance & Fitness Facebook page and Instagram along with other comp pages.


Late Entries may (not guaranteed) be accepted up until 30th June 2020 and will incur an extra $10 flat rate. Late Entries may be required to dance first. Notification will be made through email and social media.


Online – www.inspireartschallenge.com.au
Secure Payments online via PayPal & CreditCard Options
Entries will go online end of January 2020 – stay tuned to FB & Insta

INSPIRE Arts Challenge respects the privacy of all our users and we are committed to safeguarding the personal information which you provide us. To protect your privacy, we only collect information necessary to process your registration and purchases.

After you complete your online registration, you will receive an email confirmation from us containing your order details. We are not responsible for incorrect entries. Once entries have been accepted, no refunds will be given unless the section is cancelled.

MEDIA RELEASE – When you enter INSPIRE Arts Challenge you give consent for INSPIRE Dance & Fitness to use and retain the name & image of your child for the purposes of public relations, media & promotion in print or through the INSPIRE Dance & Fitness Faceboo, Instagram page & website. This consent would remain in place for 3 years unless you advise otherwise. HeyYa TV will also be present on some days to create a story about IAC, by entering 2020IAC you will also give permission for HeyYa TV to use & retain the name & image of your child and audience members for public relation, media & promotion in print, radio, IPTV and on Facebook, Instagram and website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please do not hesitate to contact peta@inspiredancefitness.com.au

Solo Sections

Solos - Babies 3&4 yearsSolos - 6 and underSolos - 8 and underSolos - 10 and underSolos - 12/U, 14/U and 15+
Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary (R/O)Ballet (R/O)Ballet (SR/R/O)Ballet (SR/R/O)Ballet (SR/R/O)
Jazz / Hip Hop (R/O)Jazz/Hip Hop (R/O)Jazz (SR/R/O)Jazz (SR/R/O)Jazz (SR/R/O)
Lyrical / Contemporary (R/ O)JFH/Hip Hop (SR/R/O)JFH/Hip Hop (SR/R/O)JFH/Hip Hop (SR/R/O)
Tap - Any (R/O)Tap Slow/Waltz (SR/R/O)Tap Slow/Waltz (SR/R/O)Tap Slow/Waltz (SR/R/O)
Can include Demi Character, Song&Dance, Musical Theare, Cultural, Ballroom, Acro, any other dance styles
Tap - Straight/Fast (SR/R/O)Tap - Straight/Fast (SR/R/O)Tap - Straight/Fast (SR/R/O)
Jnr IAC Showcase (5-9 years) (O)Lyrical (SR/R/O)Lyrical (SR/R/O)Lyrical (SR/R/O)
Battle to the Beats
Battle to the Beats
Improvisation (run on troupe weekend) Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical
Contemporary (SR/R/O)Contemporary (SR/R/O)Contemporary (SR/R/O)
Song & Dance (SR/R/O)Song & Dance (SR/R/O)Song & Dance (SR/R/O)
Vocal Only (R/O)Vocal Only (R/O)Vocal Only (R/O)
Can include demi character, musical theatre, cultural, ballroom, acro, any other dance styles
Can include demi character, musical theatre, cultural, ballroom, acro, any other dance styles
Can include demi character, musical theatre, cultural, ballroom, acro, any other dance styles
Jnr IAC Showcase (5-9 years) (O)Jnr IAC Showcase (5-9 years) (O)Musical Theatre (SR/R/O)
Battle to the Beats
Improvisation (run on troupe weekend) Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary
Inter IAC Showcase (10-13) (O)Student Choreography (SR/R/O) *see not for HSC works
Battle to the Beats
Improvisation (run on troupe weekend) Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary
Inter IAC Showcase (10-13 years) (O)
Snr IAC Showcase (14+) (O)
Battle to the Beats
Improvisation (run on troupe weekend) Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary

Duos and Troupe / Schools Sections

Duos/TriosTroupes (Small 4-10 & Large 11+Schools
Commercial Duo / Trio
Jazz, HipHop, Tap
Primary K-2
Any style
Technical Duo / Trio Ballet, Lyrical, ContemporaryLyrical
(Babies & 6 – Lyr/Cont,
Primary 3-6
Any style
Mixed Age Duo / Trio (min 4 years between competitors ages)
Any Style
Secondary 7-12
Any style
(genres may be split depending on entries)
Vocal OnlyJazz
Musical Theatre
(8, 10,12,14,15+)
Can include Demi, Song & Dance, Cheer, Pom, Cultural, Ballroom, Circus, Acro, Any other dance styles
  • Some sections may be combined depending on numbers.
  • Adjudicator will have the right not to award 1st place if they feel the competitor would benefit from more experience in Specially Restricted or Restricted. An automatic 1st place may not be granted in a section with minimal numbers.
  • Tap sections Slow & Waltz Tap and Straight & Fast have been combined .
  • Troupes will be split into small troupes (4 – 10 competitors) and large troupes (11+ competitors) Please note competitor numbers on entry form.
  • Troupes must have a minimum of 4 dancers/competitors
  • Competitors may enter one or two routines in any given section including solos, duos, trios and and multiple entries for troupes. NOTE: IAC SHOWCASE can only be entered 1x / performer/act


Battle To The Beat –is an Improvisation Event that will be run on Troupe Weekend. An opportunity for dancers to perform on the floor all together. A panel of judges will watch and via a process of elimination through rounds our Battle To The Beat winners will be announced. This is a great way for dancers who may be scared or nervous of Improvisation to get involved as they will be dancing in groups.

6/u – Jazz, HipHop, Lyrical.

8/u, 10/u, 12/u, 14/u, 15+ – Jazz, HipHop, Lyrical, Contemporary.

Attire: regular class type attire to suit style – please note you will not have time to change full outfits between genres. NO COSTUMES. Numbers will be given to dancers to wear for identification


May include Romantic Ballet, Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet and can utilise non-traditional music as long as the technique and foundation remains true to style.


Tap styles have been combined: Slow / Waltz Ta or Straight / Fast Tap

Jazz / JFH (Babies, 6/u)

This style can include straight jazz or a combination of traditional jazz basics fused with JFH/HipHop


Straight jazz styles.

Hip Hop

JFH and street styles which can include a fusion of sub genres such as pop’n’lock, breakdance, whacking, vogueing, dancehall etc


is commonly (but not necessary) performed to music with lyrics and movements are inspired by lyrics to express strong emotions or a story the choreographer/performer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song.


contemporary dance tends to combine the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance’s stress on the torso, and also employs abstraction, contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well. It sometimes also incorporates elements of non-western dance cultures.

Musical Theatre

must be performed to a piece of music from a musical and preferable (but not essential) to encompass dance style from musical. Can include live vocals, mime or simply dance.

Song & Dance

Competitors must use good quality tracks (NO backing vocals present). Competitors may use an original track for the DANCE break in Song & Dance but must revert back to instrumental track if finishing with vocal. Competitor must sing at least half of the song in Song & Dance. Microphone will not be available.

Vocal Only

Competitors must use good quality tracks (NO backing vocals present). Microphone and stand will be available for performers. If you are using an instrument and require DI / amplification please  contact IAC on peta@inspiredancefitness.com.au. Any genre is welcomed – There is no division of vocal sections.

  • Vocal Only Solo (R / O)
  • Vocal Only Duo / Trio
  • Vocal Only Troupe


this section is open to all styles / genres and acts that do not typically fit into one of the IAC categories. Ie demi character, acrobatics, cheer, pom, circus skills, contortion, musicians, comedy, cultural dance, ballroom dance, vocalist with backing dancers, vocalist/musician etc. The sky is the limit – as long as it is entertaining and age appropriate.

Mixed Age Duo/Trio

a fun section where we encourage dancers of various ages to perform together. Must have a minimum of 4 years difference between performers. Can be any style. Can be a teacher / student, student teacher / student, senior / junior, also great for siblings etc.

Student Choreography

choreographers must be students (not deriving income from teaching/performing).  Routines do not need to be performed by choreographer and can include more than 1 dancer. Student choreography can also include HSC works (Core Composition, Core Performance, Major Composition, Major Performance). This is a great opportunity for HSC students to receive feedback on their works and for their dancers to get experience performing. Note: entry is via choreographers age not dancers age.

IAC Showcase

  1. Is an opportunity for solo dancers to become the FACE OF IAC for the following year. Students can enter the IAC SHOWCASE with any new or previously performed act in any dance style.

Only  1 act / person


Junior Showcase is open to 5-9 years ONLY

Intermediate Showcase is open to 10-13 years ONLY

Senior Showcase is open  to 14 years +

1st Place – $100 cash, sponsor prize pack, certificate & FACE OF 2021IAC awarded to both Junior, Intermediate & Senior Showcase winner.

Runner Up – Sponsor Prize Pack & certificate awarded to both Junior, Intermediate & Senior Showcase

To qualify to enter acts/performers must have competed in at least 3 other sections throughout IAC for that particular person.  Limited Spaces SO GET IN QUICK!

Ie Sally Smith has entered & danced in 10/u Tap, Jazz & Improv-HipHop (Junior Showcase)


Specially Restricted – for students who are new to competitions and/or have not placed in that given genre at any age at any competition

Restricted – for students who have placed 1st in Specially Restricted in that given genre at any age at any competition

Open – for students who have placed 1st in Restricted in that given genre at any age at any competition

NOTE: We ask that competitors make contact with INSPIRE ARTS CHALLENGE (peta@inspiredancefitness.com.au) should your Ranking change prior to our competition. Ie You may have entered as Restricted Jazz and then won at another comp meaning you need to go to Open. We are relying on your honesty.

PRIZES (at adjudicators discretion)

ALL Solo and Duo Competitors will receive an IAC Participant Pin

ALL Troupe Studios will receive Certificate of Participation and Studio Director/s will receive an IAC Pin

Solos /Duos/Trios –  1st, 2nd, 3rd medals / trophies (dependant on entries) + Highly Commended  certificates + some sections may have Supporter prizes

Troupes –  1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies for Studio (dependant on entries) + Highly Commended certificates + Performer Place IAC Pins + Studio/Competitor Certificate + some sections may have Supporter prizes

Other prizes (vouchers, products, experiences etc) may arise with sponsorship and donations. These will be notified via Facebook & Instagram –  so stay tuned.




A sound system will be available to play CDs,

Music can be on Ipod / tablet / phone – Seperate Playlist, NO LOCK, Airplane Mode and NO SCREEN TIMEOUT – (please have relevant aux cables).

If using an ipod / tablet / phone you will still need to register with Music Registration when requested and MUST BE PRESENT when playing from these mediums.

Please ensure that music is recorded at good quality

Always have a back up

1 track / CD

USB tracks should be labelled with sect no and comp no.

Please label CDs, USBs etc with studio name or competitor’s full name and section ie Sally Jones 10/u Jazz

Music must be handed in at least 2 sections before competitors section or when called for.

At IAC we prefer to collect music for each session – so when you arrive please bring your music to the music desk IMMEDIATELY (less for you to worry about)


Solos, Duos, Trios:  3 minutes max. Including reprise

Troupes: 5 minutes max. Including reprise

Vocal Only:   3 minutes max. Including reprise

NOTE: Reprise is not essential

Should a performer go over time by more than 10 seconds a deduction of 4 points will occur.

Music / Act will be timed from 1st movement, 1st sound to last movement / last sound


No prompting from side stage or in the audience is permitted for competitors 7 years + – this can lead to disqualification.

Babies (3&4yrs)  & 6/u may have prompting – prefer to be done from the mid/back of the hall (preferable centred behind adjudicator is fine). The reason for avoiding side stage prompting is to avoid young dancers performing with their head turned the entire time – we want to see their beautiful faces!


If reasonable to do so competitor should set up and remove their own props

Props are not to be stored in the hall throughout the day. They can be placed backstage or front of house at the beginning of each section and must be removed immediately after use.

No flammables or live flames are to be used

No use of live animals

If you use petals, snow flakes, glitter, paper etc and it makes a mess of the stage you MUST clean quickly and immediately after your act.

If a prop is thrown from the stage into the audience and is deemed a hazard / dangerous this may lead to disqualification ie a ball being thrown into audience could cause injury

All free standing props must have protective caps on the legs / base to prevent damage to the floors. Any props causing damage to the floor may incur penalty or if they are at risk of causing damage they may not be able to be used.


Please avoid wearing tap shoes in the hall (request of venues and courtesy to other dancers)


as we need to protect the stadium floor entrance / exit will be along a runner from the tunnel. DO NOT WALK ON THE STADIUM FLOOR AT ANY TIME with Tap shoes.


Competitors are encouraged to arrive at least an hour before to ensure adequate warm-up, set up, music registration etc and also in case we are running early. Constant Facebook updates will be made to keep competitors up to date with the days running so please ensure you LIKE and FOLLOW https://www.facebook.com/InspireDanceFitness and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inspiredancefitness/


will only be accepted in writing, accompanied with a $10 fee within 10 minutes of the completion of the section. The protest must be handed in to an Inspire Arts Challenge Official Representative who will make contact with convenor and Adjudicator.

Adjudicators / Scribe

should not be approached by a teacher, performer or parent whilst they are at the desk. This can lead to disqualification of associated competitor/s. Any correspondence should be made through an Inspire Arts Challenge Official Representative.

If insufficient numbers, the committee reserves the right to amend or combine sections at their discretion. Refunds will be made if sections are cancelled.

All competitors and spectators enter at their own risk. No responsibility will be taken for any accident, injury or loss of property. This also applies to cars parked in the school / venue grounds.


Once entries are accepted there will be no refunds unless the section in cancelled.

Once the program has been completed, changes will not be allowed, unless it is an IAC error or dancers need to change from SRest to Rest or Rest  to Open.

Competitors can not dance out of section unless they dance for REPORT ONLY.


Smoking is prohibited on school / venue grounds – therefore you MUST EXIT the school / venue gate in order to smoke. This is a rule and regulation from NSW Department of Education (school) and venue.  Failure to abide by this rule may lead to disqualification of associated competitor/s and / or if caught by school / venue security / representative it can incur a direct fine.


If any individuals, studios or businesses would like to support INSPIRE ARTS CHALLENGE we would appreciate your support as would our young artists.

  • Advertising in program and updated syllabus, FB & Insta shout outs, website links, section board and announcements throughout comp
  • Donate cash, services, opportunities, experiences or tangible prizes
  • Pop up stores & IAC Mini Market
  • Donation of prizes for Raffle to help support The NSW RFS
  • Advertising / Product Placement in teacher Goody Bags and IAC Showcase Performer Goody Bags

You may nominate a section that you wish to support or leave it open to IAC to nominate. Acknowledgement and advertising support can be made throughout the lead up to the competition through FB. Insta and website, programme acknowledgement, verbal acknowledgement throughout the competition and placement of advertising materials throughout the competition. Please contact peta@inspiredancefitness.com.au for more information on how you can be involved.


If any individuals or businesses that are dance / performing arts / child friendly related (no studios) would like to have a Pop Up Store at INSPIRE ARTS CHALLENGE please contact peta@inspiredancefitness.com.au for more information. We will also be having a mini market during troupe weekend. Great way to share / advertise your product / service. Nice to see everyone enjoying the sunshine, eating lunch and shopping.


An official operator from ADVANTAGE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will be available throughout the INSPIRE ARTS CHALLENGE should you wish to obtain a copy of your performance. You can order videos after the event online. There is to be NO personal Photography OR Videography of performers on stage. Failure to comply to these rules may lead to disqualification of associated competitor/s.


An official photographer will be available throughout the INSPIRE ARTS CHALLENGE should you wish to capture those amazing moments. You must book in well BEFORE YOUR ACT.  There is to be NO personal Photography OR Videography of performers on stage. Failure to comply to these rules may lead to disqualification of associated competitor/s.

A  photo opportunity media wall will be made available for all students / parents and teachers to have their photos taken with their awards and friends. Do  not forget to tag us in your shots so we can share #InspireDanceFitness #2020IAC #InspireArtsChallenge


A fully stocked canteen from THE CANTEEN CREW (solo days) and PENRITH VALLEY REGIONAL SPORTS STADIUM (troupes) will be available for performers & patrons from the start of the day to 1hr before completion of the day or as we feel needed.


(the following supporters are ready to support our young artists – more to come – listed in alphabetical order)



Active Style Dancewear – https://www.facebook.com/activestyledancewear/

Advantage Video Productions – https://www.facebook.com/advantagevideoproductions.com.au/

Brigette Gollasch Photography – https://www.facebook.com/brigettegollaschphotography/

Brownz Brow Bar – https://www.facebook.com/brownzbrowbar/

Burgerhead – https://www.facebook.com/theburgerhead/

Canteen Crew – https://www.facebook.com/thecanteencrew/

Danceree – https://www.facebook.com/danceree/

Dance On Board – https://www.facebook.com/danceonboard/

DeLorenzo Hair Care – https://www.facebook.com/delorenzohaircare/

Fit 4 Dance – https://www.facebook.com/Fit4dance1/

Funk Boutique – https://www.facebook.com/pg/funkboutique.com.au

Heartcore Legends – https://www.facebook.com/heartcorelegends

HeyYa TV – https://www.facebook.com/heyya.au/

Inspire Dance & Fitness – https://www.facebook.com/InspireDanceFitness/

Kelly Cleary – Travel Counsellor – https://www.facebook.com/KellyClearyTC/

KinesiAlice – https://www.facebook.com/KinesiAlice/

KySienn Accessories – https://www.facebook.com/kysienn/

Macarthur Braids – https://www.facebook.com/macarthurbraids/

Melissa Stevens Photography – https://www.facebook.com/melissa.stevensphotography

Milibelle Pointe Shoes – https://www.facebook.com/milibellepointeshoes/

Missy Name Necklace – https://www.facebook.com/missynamenecklace/

The_MW_Girls – https://www.instagram.com/the_mw_girls/

The Scissor Bar – https://www.facebook.com/thescissorbarhairdressers/